Hi, I’m Viva.

I have a six-year background in writing and editing, comprising both long- and short-form projects. I began copyediting in 2016, and over the years I have edited over a dozen full-length books. As a copywriter I have worked with brands including ThirdLove’s Kit Undergarments, goop’s G. Label, Sunnies Face, Saffron + Poe, and Nico Nico, and crafted descriptions for products by Cartier, Hermès, and Victoria Beckham—among many other iconic and up-and-coming brands alike. I am currently querying agents to publish my novel, A Ripe & Joyless Bliss.

Growing up off the grid in the jungle of Maui, I was taught to appreciate the wildness of the earth and think acutely about our place within it. I’m the youngest of six in a racially-mixed, blended family, and both my parents are makers by trade. My dad steeped our home in music, and my penchant for writing comes largely from my mom, who is an independent author. My siblings and I were encouraged to read young, and my early childhood was largely centered around my parents’ little bookstore in the heart of Paia.

I hold a BA in Liberal Arts from Bennington College.


Photograph by Amber Caires