Hi, I’m Viva.

I’m a writer and editor with a dedication to eco-sustainability and ethical socio-political practices. It is of utmost importance to me to foster relationships with companies, brands and individuals who are forward-thinking advocates for our future.

Growing up off the grid in the jungle of the island of Maui, I was raised to appreciate the natural wildness of the earth and think acutely about our place within it. With six older siblings, I’m the youngest in a racially-mixed, blended family. Both my parents are makers by trade. My dad steeped our home in music, and I believe my penchant for writing comes largely from my mom, who is an independent author. My siblings and I were encouraged to read young, and my early childhood was largely centered around their little bookstore in the heart of Paia.

I hold a BA in Liberal Arts from Bennington College.


Photograph by Amber Caires